06 Februari 2017

Teori dan Masalah Penerjemahan Inisiasi 6 - 2015.2

Inisiasi 6
Prosedur Penerjemahan

Teman-teman mahasiswa, kita sudah berada di inisiasi ke-6. Topik pembahasan kita kali ini mengenai prosedur penerjemaha. Di Modul 6, Anda sudah melihat atau membaca prosedur penerjemahan. Cobalah diskusikan teks sumber dan teks sasaran di bawah ini untuk mengetahui prosedur penerjemahan serta mengapa penerjemah memilih kata-kata ini sebagai terjemahannya. Selamat berdiskusi.

The impact of his fist snapped her head back and she almost let go. Suddenly Marcus was there, he and Lincoln had him. They rolled him over, snapped on the cuffs. She finally thought to breathe, realizing it hurt everywhere she could feel.
The German shepherd was three feet away, on point, barking furiously at the suspect. The cacophony of shouts and barks nearly drowned out the suspect’s screams.
“Get off me, you pigs! I didn’t do anything. Get the fuck off me.” The man was only able to squirm under Lincoln and Marcus’ combined weight.
The dog’s handler appeared, calling him off. The German shepherd barked a few more times, then stood at attention, droplets of rain gathering on his whiskers, whining. Four more men came into view, and Lincoln rolled to the right, giving them access. Marcus got to his feet, dragging the man with him. The officers were all screaming different commands, pushing the suspect around. Taylor rolled onto her butt and sat, catching her breath. (311—2)
Dampak dari hantaman kepalan laki-laki itu membuat kepalanya tersentak keras kebelakang dan nyaris membuat pegangannya lepas. Tiba-tiba Marcus muncul, ia dan Lincoln mengambil alih meringkusnya. Mereka menggulingkan tubuh tersangka, dan memborgol tangannya. Akhirnya Taylor baru bisa bernapas, menyadari rasa sakit disekujur tubuhnya.
Anjing gembala Jerman itu hanya berjarak semeter dari mereka, mengonggong marah pada tersangka. Hiruk-pikuk teriakan dan gonggongan anjing itu hampir menenggelamkan jeritan tersangka.
“Lepaskan aku, Bangsat! Aku tidak melakukan apa-apa. Lepas!” orang itu hanya mampu menggeliat di bawah tekanan berat Lincoln dan Marcus.
Kemudian pawang anjing muncul, memanggil anjingnya. Anjing itu menyalak beberapa kali lagi, kemudian berdiri tegak, ada beberapa tetes air hujan menghiasi misainya, dan mendeking-dengking. Empa orang lagi muncul, dan Lincoln bergulling kekanan agar mereka bisa mendekat. Marcus berdiri, menarik orang itu serta. Polisi-polisi meneriakkan perintah yang berbeda-beda, mendorong-dorong tersangka. Taylor berguling dan duduk, mengatur napas. (335—6)

Taylor rolled onto her butt and sat, catching her breath.
“I’m telling you I didn’t do anything. False arrest, false arrest. Let me go!”
“That him?” she asked, the roar quieting at her commanding question. “Did we get the son of a bitch?”
The man was practically being strip-searched, with affirmative answers coming from all involved.
“Got a ski mask here.”
“Got the knife.”
“He’s got rope in this pocket. Shut up, you crazy motherfucker. We’ve got your ass.”
Taylor rose to her feet. She strode to the man, who was still struggling. He stopped when he saw her, smiling a crazy smile. Her eye hurt, her head hurt, her legs were tired. But it looked like she had her man.
There were several flashlights trained on him, giving plenty of light for an initial assessment. She gave him a once-over. He was wearing black cargo pants and a black T-shirt. He was thin and wiry, with ropy muscles snaking along his forearms. He was wearing black combat boots. (312)
Taylor berguling dan duduk mengatur napas.
“Sudah kubilang aku tidak melakukan apa-apa. Ini salah tangkap, salah tangkap! Lepaskan aku!”
“Itu pelakunya?” tanya Taylor, suaranya membungkam keramaian. “Apa kita berhasil menangkap bajingan itu?”
Laki-laki itu praktis digeledah, diiringi jawaban penegasan dari semua orang yang terlibat.
“Ini ada topeng ski.”
“Ada pisau.”
“Ada tali di sakunya. Diam, kau bangsat. Kau tertangkap basah.”
Taylor bangkit, Ia menghampiri tersangka, yang masih berusaha memberontal. Laki-laki itu berhenti ketika melihat Taylor, memamerkan senyum gilanya. Taylor merasakan sakit, kepalanya sakit, kakinya lelah. Tapi sepertinya dia sudah meringkus pelakunya.
Beberapa lampu senter mengarah ke laki-laki itu, cukup banyak penerangan untuk pengidentifikasian awal. Taylor memandang lagi. Laki-laki itu memakai celana kargo dan t-shirt serba hitam. Badannya kurus tapi kuat, dengan bungkus sepatu tempur hitam. (336—337)

“He’s got his wallet in his pants pocket. What a frickin’ idiot.” The officer passed Lincoln the brown leather wallet. He opened it and extracted the man’s driver’s license.
“Smart move, Norville. Folks, I’d like you to meet Norville Turner. Norville, meet the people who are responsible for making your life a living hell from here on out.” He looked at Taylor, shaking his head in the gloom. “Brings his wallet along. Brilliant.”
“I didn’t do nothin’. You got nothin’ on me, pigs.”
Turner started struggling again and was quickly subdued.
Taylor got eye level with him. Stared into his eyes, searching. Realized that they’d taken him down for  good. She wrinkled her nose. He smelled like dirty oil.
“Shut up, Norville. Your fly’s open, you dumb ass.”
He lunged and before she could jerk away, he spat at her. “Stupid cunt. What the fuck’re you doing? I didn’t do nothin’.”
Taylor wiped at her face, furious. (312—3)
“Ada dompet di saku celananya. Benar-benar idiot.” Petugas itu menyerahkan dompet kuulit bewarna coklat kepada Lincoln, yang kemudian dibukanya dan mengeluarkan SIM.
“Pintar sekali, Norville. Kawan-kawan, perkenalkan, Norville Turner. Norville, perkenalkan, ini orang-orang yang akan membuat hidupmu seperti dineraka sejak malam ini.” Lincoln memandang Taylor, menggelengkan kepalanya dalam kegelapan. “Dia bawa dompet. Sungguh brillian.”
“Aku tidak melakukan apa-apa. Kau tidak punya alasan menangkapku, Bangsat!” Turner mulai memberontak lagi, tapi tak lama kemudian segera diam.
Taylor berdiri tegak di hadapannya. Menatap langsung matanya, mencari. Menyadari bahwa mereka telah ringkus orang ini sampai selama-lamanya. Hidung Taylor berkerut. Laki-laki ini baunya seperti bau oli kotor. “Diam, Norville. Kau sudah tertangkap basah, bodoh.”
Turner menerjang dan sebelum Taylor sempat mundur, ia meludah padanya. “Perempuan tolol! Apa-apaan kau ini? Aku tidak berbuat apa-apa!” Taylor mengusap wajahnya, marah. (337—8)

Five minutes, he was saying. Give me five minutes to get into place, then we’ll take him. She nodded and watched Baldwin creep away. If Quinn could keep him occupied for five more minutes.
Taylor tuned herself back into the conversation Quinn and Reese were having.
“Reese, please honey, tell me why. Why did you kill all those girls? What made you go crazy like that?”
“I AM NOT CRAZY!” he roared, and one of the children gave a whimpering yell. “Shut up, you little shit. Shut up or I’ll kill you, you hear me? Quinn, that kind of talk is going to get your babies killed. But I’ll answer your question. I did it for my mother.”
“Reese, you don’t—”
He interrupted her. “Don’t tell me what I don’t know. I know, all right? I’ve known since I was fourteen. Old enough to understand, I think. Mommy got raped and had a baby. I knew all about the birds and bees by then, Quinn. All you had to do, all any of you had to do was tell me the truth. (388—9)
Lima menit, katanya. Beri aku lima menit untuk mencari polisi, kemudian kita akan menangkapnya. Ia mengangguk dan memperhatikan Baldwin menyelinap pergi. Jika saja quinn dapat membuatnya sibuk selama lima menit lagi.
Taylor kembali menyimak percakapan antara Quinn dan Reese.
“Reese, tolong Sayang, beri tahu aku kenapa. Kenapa kau membunh gadis-gadis itu?”
“AKU TIDAK GILA!” ia meraung, dam salah satu anak Quinn berteriak merintih. “Diam kau, bocah kecil brengsek. Diam atau kubunuh kau, mengerti? Quinn bicara seperti itu akan membuat anak-anak mati. Tapi, aku akan menjawab pertanyaanmu. Aku melakukannya untuk ibuku.”
“Reese, kau tidak----“
Ia memotongnya. “Jangan katakan apa ynag tidak kuketahui. Aku tahu, oke? Aku sudah tahu sejak aku 14 tahun. Cukup umur untuk mengerti. Mommy di perkosa dan punya bayi. Saat itu aku sudah tahu tentang dari mana datangnya adik kecil Quinn. Yang harus kaulakukan, yang harusnya kalian semua lakukan, adalah memberitahukan yang sesungguhnya. (418-419)

Taylor checked her watch, it was nearly 5:00 a.m. The newsies would be able to give live shots on the early-morning broadcasts.
“Lincoln, Marcus, get on the horn with Price, tell him what just went down. I want to check in with the victim, see how she’s holding up. You’ll need to get the suspect down to booking, then make up a six-pack for me. We’ll want to see if the victim can ID him. Maybe the mask slipped. Either way, he’ll need to be processed. Make sure it all goes smoothly for me, okay?”
“Gotcha, boss. I’ll call ahead and have a photo array put together. I’m sure we can find five mug shots similar to this hosebag.” Marcus took her by the arm, turning her toward him so he could get a better view. “You’re gonna have one helluva shiner in a couple of hours Ø.” (314)

Taylor melihat arlojinya, hampir pukul 05:00. Merka akan bisa memberikan siaran langsung untuk berita Pagi.
“Lincoln, Marcus, hubungi Price, laporkan apa yang baru saja terjadi. Aku ingin menemui korban, melihat keadaanya. Kalian bawa tersangka ke penahanan sementara, dan siapkan enam foto untukku. Aku ingin tahu apakah korban bisa mengdentifikasi pelaku. Mungkin topengnya terlepas, pokoknya, dia harus diproses. Pastikan berjalan lancar, oke?”
“Siap, Bos. Aku akan menelepon agar foto-foto di siapkan. Aku yakin kita bisa menemukan lima foto yang mirip bajingan itu.” Marcus meraih lengan Taylor, memutar tubuh atasanya itu ke arahnya sehingga ia bisa meliahat wajah Taylor dengan jelas. “Wah, beberapa Jam lagi matamu pasti biru lebam, Bos.” (338—9)

…then sat in the chair opposite him, next to Baldwin but distancing herself by sliding the chair a few feet to the side, so the table wasn’t between her and Buckley. “Here you are, Mr. Buckley. I sure am sorry we had to put you out like this. I’d understand if you didn’t want to talk to me, but I’d love to hear your side of the story, how that lip got cut. Was it one of the patrol officers?”
Buckley snarled at her. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re about there, little lady. You’re trying to get me to confess to something I don’t know anything about. All I know is I got pulled over, dragged from my car, assaulted by one of Metro’s finest and brought here. What the hell do you people think you’re doing? I swear I’m going to make sure every single one of you is fired.”
He glowered at her, hostile and demanding. Taylor could see this man as a killer, and the thought made her blood run cold. She almost dropped the act,…. (347—8)
Di samping Baldwin tapi ia menjauhkan dirinya dengan menggeser kursi beberap sentimeter ke samping, agar mejanya tidak tepat berda di antara dia dan Buckley. “Ini kopi Anda, Mr. Buckley. Saya sangat menyesal kami harus membuat Anda seperti ini. Saya mengerti kalau Anda tidak ingin bicara dengan saya, tapi saya akan senang mendengar cerita dari sisi Anda, bagaimana bibir Anda bisa sampai terluka. Apakah pelakunya salah satu petugas patroli?”
Buckley menggertaknya. “Jangan dikira saya tidak tahu apa yang berusaha Anda lakukan, Nona. Anda mencoba membuat saya mengakui sesuatu yang sama sekali tidak saya ketahui. Yang saya tahu adalah saya disuruh tidak saya ketahui. Yang saya tahu adalah saya disuruh menepi, diseret dari mobil dan dipukuli oleh salah satu anggota terbaik kepolisian Metro dan dibawa kesini. Kalian pikir, apa yang kalian lakukan? Saya bersumpah akan memastikan kalian semua dipecat.”
Dia memelotot memandang Taylor. Penuh permusuhan dan menantang. Taylor bisa melihat orang ini sebagai pembunuh, dan pikiran itu membuatnya ngeri. Taylor hampir saja menghentikan aktingnya. (375—6)

“We’re going to be working on a new case. You’re both familiar with the Rainman?”
Lincoln’s eyes grew wide. “The rapist? Did he kill someone?”
“No, he didn’t. But he raped Betsy Garrison last night.”
She waited for that news to sink in. Lincoln opened his mouth, then closed it with a brief shake of his head.
Marcus spoke first.
“I assume you want this kept quiet?”
“Got it in one, puppy. We need to keep Betsy’s name out of it at all costs. She doesn’t want the people in her unit to know she’s been raped. She got beat up pretty badly, too, and Brian Post’s been informing people she had a car accident. Bless her heart, she’s okay about the rape. I was at the hospital talking to her and she really was holding up well. Better than I would be.”
“Did she have any information that we can go on?” (113—114)

“Kita akan menangani kasus baru. Kalian berdua pasti sudah sering mendengar tentang Rainman?”
Mata Lincoln terbelalak. “Pemerkosa itu? Apa dia membunuh seseorang?”
“Tidak. Tapi, dia memerkosa Betsy Garrison tadi malam.”
Taylor menunggu berita itu masuk ke pikiran mereka. Lincoln membuka mulut, lalu mengatupkannya diiringi gelengan singkat. Marcus akhirnya membuka mulut.
“Kurasa kau ingin kasus ini tetap dirahasiakan?”
“Tepat sekali, Sayang. Pokoknya nama Betsy jangan muncul dalam kasus ini. Betsy tidak ingin orang-orang di unitnya tahu ia telah diperkosa. Dia juga dihajar sampai babak belur, dan Brian Post memberi tahu yang lain kalu Betsy mengalami kecelakaan mobil. Untungnya Betsy tidak terlalu terpukul dengan pemerkosaan yang dialaminya. Aku sempat bicara padanya di rumah sakit dan dia baik-baik saja. Lebih dari yang kuharapkan.”
“Apa dia punya informasi yang bisa kita tindak lanjuti?” (JTE/PDS/128)

Taylor with a full-watt smile on her face could bring the best of men to their knees. She spotted Sam in a cozy corner with overstuffed chairs and a small glass table loaded with drinks, cinnamon buns, a slice of iced lemon pound cake and a lonely bran muffin. Taylor snickered back a laugh. Sam’s pregnancy was getting the better of her, she was wolfing down every sweet in sight.
“There she is, the woman every man wants and every woman wants to be. Sit yourself down here before your latte gets cold, girl.”
“I don’t envy anyone my position today. I feel like shit.”
“Yeah, you’re looking a little rough around the edges. Nice shades, though.”
Taylor reached over and gave Sam a hug. She searched her friend’s face hard, wondering if there was more from last night that she didn’t remember. Sam didn’t seem perturbed, so Taylor relaxed and sank gratefully into an overstuffed green velvet chair. (154—5)

Taylor, dengan senyum cerah menghiasi wajahnya, sanggup membuat para pria bertekuk lutut. Dia melihat Sam duduk disudut yang nyaman di atas kursi yang empuk menghadap meja kaca kecil yang di atasnya sarat dengan minuman, roti kayu-manis, sepotong kue iced lemon pound dan muffin sekam. Taylor menahan tawa. Kehamilan Sam mulai mengendalikannya. Sahabatnya itu melahap semua makanan yang manis-manis.
“Ah, ini dia, wanita yang diinginkan oleh setiap pria dan setiap wanita ingin seperti dia. Ayo duduk sebelum latte-mu dingin, Sayang.”
“aku tidak mau membuat iri siapapun hari ini. Aku merasa kacau sekali.”
Yeah, dari luar memang kau tampak sedikit berantakan. Tapi, kacamatamu bagus.”
Taylor mengulurkan kedua tanganya dan memeluk Sam. Ia memperhatikan wajah temannya itu, bertanya-tanya apakah tadi malam ada kejadian yang tidak diingatnya. Kelihatannya Sam tenang-tenang saja, jadi Taylor merasa tenang dan mengempaskan tubuhnya dengan perasaan lega di kursi beledu hijau yang empuk. (170)

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