09 November 2016

Learning By Doing, Doing By Learning

Hi deary...

The last few days, I am busy, checking and managing all blogs that I have. But it was too long for me leaving all of them. So,  I needed more than 3 days to manage one blog. Even now, I worried that maybe I couldn't finish all. There was an information coming this week, that soon my project will be start and it means Ill get the same problem. Have no time.

But today, Some of my friends told me about something that made me so happy. 

It was started when we went to lunch. One of my friends asked me what I was doing. I did some typing on my phone and for them, it was quite rare event.

"What r u doing. Bun?"

I answered, "Send emails, answer comments, write an article and... hmmm manage my blogs."

"Really?" Even I didn't see my friend who asked it, I knew her face's mimic. 

Suddenly, one other who sitting beside me, came closer and read what I typed. Just looked if you didn't believe it, That's what I thought. After seeing what I wrote, he sat back on his chair.

"Sa, did you remember how stupid Bunda before?" asked him. Whats!!

My friend, Tessa, the one who asked me first, laughed. "Oh yess, nothing. She said she is a blogger, but didn't know nothing how to post her article or story. Every time she needed help, she just screamed like a dead cat. hahaha... I won't forget that!" 

And everyone there laughed. I just smiled. I am not offended because what she said. It is true. Before I didn't know anything about blog, I always asked their helps. Alhamdulillah, they are my best friends. They taught me everything. How to post the story, to make a new category, to tag, to look for the ideas etc. Time by time, they gave me another tips and helps. Until now. Now, I can make new blog from the start, arrange the layout and  manage the widgets.

"Yeah, Did you remember when you asked Bunda's pin and what she did to answer it?" Doddy asked again. He looked me but didn't care.

"Sureee! She gave me her phone and asked me to find myself. I was going to laugh, but seeing her face made me hold it very very hard. Ah, Bunda... remember how stupid you are that time, hahaha..."

Hahaha... sure I remembered it. Every friends near me knew it too. Some of them just laughed without care to my feeling. But it was true. For me, it was hard to learn everything in once. 

But learning by doing, and I tried to learn everything that I should know. I read how to... how to... from google.

Doddy said again, "But now, you are very good learner, Mam. This year, I never expected that your progress is so fast. Who knew that you will know how to make a perfect design for a poster ads without even taking a course? I never know there are so many clever woman like you. Not feeling tired but in contrary, you did well. It is so great." Tessa nodded.

"Really?" I couldn't believe what I heard. But looking their faces, they said it honestly.

What my friends saw is nothing compare to what I did at home. I learnt everything at night, after finishing all housework. My sleeping time was less, very less. Sometimes I just slept for 4-5 hours a day. But, all is paid now. 

Learning is not easy, everyone know it. But, doing something to learn is a good way to improve our skills. With many skills we can change our life. At least that is happened on me.  Now, at least I am not a stupid woman again. But I never think that I am clever now. I just want to learn many things, again and again, until my eyes close forever. Because the time you stop to learn, that mean... you are a dead man!

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