09 September 2013

Structure 1

1)      are 2) are 3) am 4) is 5) are 6) am not 7) is 8) Are 9) is not 10) are

Tess and Jen ________(1) best friends. 
They do everything together. They spend every day together. 
One day they meet on the bus to school. They start talking. 
“Hey Jen,” says Tess. “How ________(2) you?” 
“Hey girl,” says Jen. “I ________(3) doing fine. What ________(4) going on? What
________(5) you doing today?” 
“Oh,” says Tess, “I _____ _____ (6) doing anything special. I don’t have any
“That ________(7) cool.” 
“Yeah,” says Tess. “But I have something to tell you.” 
“Really! Can I try to guess?” 
“Umm…” says Tess. “Well…” 
“Okay, I get three guesses. Ready?” 
“Umm, well…okay.”
 “________(8) we eating dinner together?” 
“No, that _____ _____ (9) it.” 
“Okay. Are we going to the soccer game together?” 
“No. It ____ ____(10) that either.” Tess looks nervous. Her eyes look sad. A tear
starts to fall down her cheek. 
“Oh,” says Jen, wiping a tear from her own eye. “Now I know. You ________(11)
moving away.”

Today is the first day at my new school. Right now, it is lunch time, and all of the
students are eating their lunches. They are sitting around the big
table in the cafeteria, talking in small groups. I am sitting alone. I am
pretty nervous. I hope
the other students not think I am weird. I am writing in my diary right now to look like I
have something important to do.
For lunch today, I have an apple, pretzels, and a tuna fish sandwich. I hate
tuna fish, but my mom loves it. She says it is good for me.
She packs it for me every day, so I guess I have to eat it. I also have
some cookies. At least I like to eat those.
Hey! The girls at the big table are looking at me! What do they want?
They laugh at something. What do they laugh
at? I hope they don't laugh at 
me. I am geting nervous again.
Oh my gosh! One of them are coming
this way! Stay calm, Rachel. She is not 
going to hurt you. She is just another girl like you, right?
Wait. Now she are holding out her hand to me. Does she wants
to be friends? What does she do?
Oh, I know! She is inviting me to her table! Maybe I am not that weird after all!