17 Agustus 2013

Adventures in Majalengka

After many years we didn't go home, this year we decided to enjoy our five-day holiday in my parent-in-law's village, Majalengka, West Java. A place where my husband had enjoyed his childhood, which often he told to me and children. The place where he always recalls as a beautiful village, refreshing air, friendly neighborhood and pleasant simplicity.
Course, my small family had ever come to this village. But they are too small to remember it. In fact, this trip is the first visit for my third child. Her age is 4th years now. 
This year, my three children have to enter the age when they can remember everything very well.  They are technology lover and cant live without their smartphone or iPad or PSP.  Especially my first daughter, who updating her statuses every minute since she had had the Blackberry.

But... after three hours arrived at Village, They forgot everything, include the smartphone and PSP. They left its in their bag and run away to the fish pond. Because I am too busy to greet all family members, I am trusted the uncles and aunts to take care the children. I knew  every peoples lived in the village knowing each other, some of them are still the same blood with my husband. So I am not too worried about my children's safety. Even they never see me for last five years, but if the peoples in the village knew me before, they will remember me and my children too.
They loved the hanging bed from ropes, what made by my brother-in-law. This is one of original product from our family. It loads up to 80 kgs. So don't worry! I tried and used it together with my little daughter and everyone knew it means up to 80 kgs, lol... The price can be negotiated. I am a good seller anyway. Will give you the good discount if you buy many. 
They started first night with playing fireworks. And this is the first time they playing it.
Every day, we visited many interesting places.
The second day in the Village is the Idul Fitri day. As our tradition after praying time at the mosque, we have visited the family cemetery at Hulu Dayeuh.
One of our family members just gone about a month before Lebaran. So I still feel the atmosphere of grief. 
After greeting each other with all neighbors around the village that we met along our way until arriving at home, we visited the family in the hill areas. I forgot the name of the mountain, but something like 'horse'. The shape of mountain little bit weird,  but still looks beautiful.
We visited our relatives, Only a few hours because we want to visit many places before the time of car rental finish. Even though a little while, we can feel the beauty of nature along our way, The sun is very hot, but the air cool and the water very cold.  The little mosque, where we pray and cleaning our face from dust, had had mountain fresh water. Cold but clean.  My little daughter surprised when I washed her legs. 
During our visit, between uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces, cousins and even elders... they made some games like eat strawberries without closing the eyes, who is the fastest to eat giant meatballs, and many other jokes spread the conversation.
Last, of our trip, we approach my husband's great granny who now live alone after great grandpa passed away three years ago. Here, we stayed little longer because of the children, my nephews, and my children, jump in and swim in the river near home.  Like other rivers we visited, the water still fresh. But, not too clean. I saw some garbage stack on the rocks. Lucky us, because the flowing water still raging and clearly than all rivers in the town areas. 
The children have no doubt to jump in and swim without change their clothing. My children too, before I came and told them to up, at least they had to change the pant.

After all, the joy spreading to me and husband too. We also enjoyed the nature of the mountain, flowing water in the river, fresh air and beauty of rice planting area near the river. We taped videos with the cellular phone and laughed together with the kids. They made some funny appearances. We come back to granny's house before Maghrib. That is Thursday night, the night when we have special reading time for Qur'an.
The third day, children asked my permission to fish at grandpa's fishing pond. I let them do it. I really want to teach them about all activities related to nature, but I cant do myself. Last time I do fishing about 10 years ago. 
And I knew, without my nephews or my brother-in-law helping, I will never teach them alone how to fishing. Under their uncle's supervision, the children catch many fishes. They bring a big bucket full of fishes.
The children's activities closed the third holiday with swim in the village's dam. Before it, they walked around the village and I decided to follow them with my husband too. While walking together, my husband told me the memories of every special places we passed like the size of pond bit bigger now, the forest bush is used to play area for him now change with some of houses, meet the peoples he knew along our walking way and now look much older.  I can feel my husband's desire childhood that sound a pleasant time for him, maybe the best time of his life before meet me. :)
As promised, on Saturday we decided to go to a public bathing area in the Tirta Indah. Beautiful tourism place. Cheap and not too far from the village. Because of the holiday season, the visitors increased drastically. The traffic's road cant be avoided. And again, we are lucky because already expected the problem and come early. My husband brought 15 of his family members exclude three children under 4 years. Wow!! Just realize how big our family is...
Before went home, I shopped at the small market in front of the Tirta Indah. It is very cheap and nice things. I bought many key chains to add in my collections, all under IDR 5.000 per item. We bought cheap durians too. Only IDR 10.000 per each. So cheap haha? 
We returned home before afternoon and get some rest time. My husband and me getting too tired after passing busy days. 
But still, my children enjoyed their holiday with all activities exactly like their dad. Bathing in village's bathing area or we call it 'Balong', going to Sawah (rice planting area), playing football, bought many new foods and have fun with all kids from the village. Unfortunately,  I forgot to take any pictures.
Oh ya, like a reunion... my husband enjoyed his return with having dirt in the Sawah and harvested vegetables.
At Saturday night, I visited the night market. Again, I bought key chains and my little baby played with 'Odong-odong'
In the morning we woke up with fresh body and walk around the village. Seeing the rice planting area, vegetables and fruits' garden, greet some of my husband's friends and neighbors. Here is we took some photos with my kids before come back to granny's house and prepare the bags. But I can't share it here, no permission from them. Even we know them very well, but to share every photo in public that I still need their permission and I didn't have much time to get it. Sorry. 
With my husband, we captured some good photos in the train too. Even I took pictures on the Becak, lol... my little daughter and her dad on other Becak, but she was so excited when to riding it. 
I wish I remembered to bring the professional camera. if not, maybe the photos captured would be great than what I take with the phone camera. But still, many good things I got even can't record to my video or camera. 

This is very priceless moment and experiences for my children, myself and my husband. We are happy to introduce my husband's childhood happiness to them. At least for five days, I knew my children love their adventures than all technology equipments they brought.