29 Agustus 2013

My Bad Feeling

I think I need an exercise for my body. My body is hurt. After passing the busy two weeks, take control pick and send all my kids to their school and activities. Now, I realized that is not easy to do myself.
But, in the same time... I realized too. If something happens to me, all of my children's activities will screw up. So, I thought to teach them how to go to school without my help sometimes. Not every day. Just to make sure they didn't hang with me too much. I want they know how to get home even I can't pick them up.
And, the only one I need to be healthy. Forget all about my morning what started with the sleepy head, a glass of coffee (sometimes two) and no breakfast. No more sleep after middle night, even it mean my time for the blog was less. That is ok.
Still... I need to do exercise. Maybe running, riding a bicycle or just walking. I don't know. I am going to talk about this with husband. He just got the health report and the result is very good for his age. But doctor still gives him the advice to do exercise. So just let we see later...
Actually, my feeling is not so well too. I don't know how to fix this part. My husband and I were talked last night. Not all, but bit take some of 'the stone' in my heart. He is so wonderful because he knew before I told him about my bad feeling.
I am not the perfect lady. Sometimes I am tired, sometimes I felt bad even nothing bad happen, sometimes all I need just be alone. But, thank you for everyone who getting in my life... my kids and husband. They hugged me last night and give me a support. 
Truly... I cried last night, the boy and the big daughter cried too. I knew because they tried to hide from me. They said they didn't like to see their mother cry and again... I cried but smile adorned my face. OMG... this is why God give me so wonderful kids like them. They made me strong.
No problem actually. This happens once a month to me. My hormones did it. I hope my girls didn't have the same experiences.
Ok, diary... see u next time